"The best oven for your cooking – supplied by a master baker"

Why Le Panyol?

Quite simply: the best oven for the best cooking, indoors or out. Le Panyol is the benchmark wood-fired oven made from clay refractory masonry and is the leader in self-assembly.

Why Panary?

  • Panary is a professional baking business run by Paul Merry, a master baker with more than 40 years’ experience of wood-fired and masonry ovens
  • Paul will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions, to offer his expert advice, and to supply the right model of oven: with the right price, the right delivery and the right installation

Why Paul

  • An experienced master baker
  • A lover of woodfired ovens, who’s been using masonry ovens since 1975, and built his first one in 1980
  • A Le Panyol representative since 2005, sending their superb ovens throughout the UK and beyond
  • An expert craft bakery consultant engaged in home and professional projects
Not sure which size and type of Le Panyol oven you need? Not sure where to locate your oven?
  • Talk to Paul: save on costs, save on time
  • Get the best advice, the best quality and the best value for your money
More than an oven
When you buy Le Panyol from Panary, you’re not just buying the very best oven for the very best cooking – you’re getting a lifetime’s expertise from a master baker with over 40 years of experience using wood-fired and masonry ovens

"Quality · Reliability · Long life"



No contact with the flame
No cement used in our masonry

Self cleaning

The next fire thoroughly cleans the masonry

Simple to use

No electronics and no mechanics – nothing to go wrong!

Simple to assemble

All Le Panyol ovens come with clear, detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for you or your builder to use during installation

Satisfying to master

Firing your oven and sliding your food in and out is an easy process you’ll enjoy mastering

Living Heritage

Awarded the EPV label by the French Government acknowledging excellence in artisanal and industrial expertise


Pizza, bread, casseroles, baking, roasting, grilling… As a baking chamber, Le Panyol is ideal for just about any dish. You can even grill meat, fish, and vegetables directly on the hearth

Environmentally responsible

Pure clay from their own quarry, through to the kilning of the individual parts in refractory masonry– every step of the Le Panyol process is as environmentally friendly as possible

Standing the test of time

With the white clay of Larnage, assembled according to age-old techniques, your oven will last a lifetime or more – ovens assembled to this standard remain in daily use 200 years after they were built…

"Le Panyol - Masonry is the best cooker"​

Why traditional?


Your Le Panyol oven has substantial tiles on its floor, tiles which absorb the heat from the fire laid right on top of them.

These hot “sole” bricks give spring to the breads and a firmly cooked bottom to the pastry of pies and tarts. Baked on the hot hearth, your food neither sticks nor dries out.
The crown of the oven also absorbs a great amount of heat, and will radiate this heat down from the top, with the result that your bread or other dish will cook efficiently and swiftly, leaving moisture in the middle.

Wood firing

In today’s world, firing with wood is a responsible approach to sustainability

Well-fermented dough for pizza, flatbreads, or loaves, is laid on hot tiles, giving exquisite flavours to the crust with just a hint of wood ash.

Pro bakers

In today’s world, firing with wood is a responsible approach to sustainability

Well-fermented dough for pizza, flatbreads, or loaves, is laid on hot tiles, giving exquisite flavours to the crust with just a hint of wood ash.

Retained heat

The unique feature which makes a brick oven the unrivalled king among ovens is retained heat.

During the firing cycle, the refractory masonry absorbs the heat. With the flames inside the baking chamber, each major firing lodges a heat that bakers call “solid” heat deep into the bricks.

Having been fired hot, the oven is given a settling down period, during which time the very hot areas transfer their excess heat to the cooler extremities. When the heat is even, the cooking cycle begins.

This vast thermal mass enables deep and penetrating heat to be radiated in a powerful way without being scorching or shallow in its effect. Masonry radiates heat, which is firm yet gentle when compared with the harshness of heat radiated by metal.

Heat is retained within the imposing mass of the refractory firebricks, whose shape and thickness make for maximum efficiency

"Le Panyol - Wood-fired ovens since 1840"​

Recent customers


  • Panary is a professional baking business based at Cann Mills, Shaftesbury, Dorset, a traditional watermill that makes a quality range of flours from its stones and sieves
  • Panary is run by Paul Merry, who has been involved with craft baking and masonry ovens for over forty years
  • When not advising on, selling and delivering Le Panyol ovens, Paul acts as an expert consultant in traditional baking. He also produces tasty breads and pastries from his own craft bakery, and teaches students on his in-demand Panary baking courses. He’s even written an autobiography of his baking years.